The Point Of Sale For
Every Sale
Sell everywhere people shop with the best
omnichannel POS system.
Everything you need. Out of the box.
It’s the power to sell in person backed by the power to sell online, all by the world’s best commerce platform.

Back Office

One place to manage your business across all your locations, in person and online.

POS Software

POS software for smooth selling in store and at events.

Online Sales

The platform to sell everywhere else customers shop: online, on social media, and more.
The POS system that
fits your store


Streamline selling across multiple locations with one back office for every sale.

Single store

Sell better in store and online with powerful tools at accessible prices.


Use wireless POS software to sell at pop-ups, markets, and more.
Sell everywhere.

On your website

Build a website to support your store and make it easier for local shoppers to find you.

In store and online

Let customers shop their way by offering browse in store, buy online-and buy online, pick up in store.

Everywhere else

Offer omnichannel shopping and sell on social media, digital marketplaces, and more all from Shopify.
We made the hard stuff simple
Run your retail business with the POS system made for managing staff, inventory,
and customers.

Omnichannel selling

Use a connected back office to sell in person, online, on social media, and marketplaces.

Staff management

Set staff permissions to control what employees can access.

Inventory management

Receive inventory, manage stock, and create purchase orders from a single platform.

Customer management

Boost customer loyalty with profiles that track purchases and preferences.

Reporting and analytics

Understand your business, from what sells best to when you’re busiest.
We are the platform for your whole business
Bring everything together with one platform to start, manage, and grow your business.

Centralized selling

Unify inventory, customer, and transaction data with one platform for every sale.

Built-in tools

Get everything you need for your whole business, from digital marketing to shipping solutions.

Supported growth

Grow your way with guides, apps, and experts all available through the Shopify ecosystem.
Priced to fit your business
Your Shopify plan gives you the power to sell everywhere—the POS Pro subscription
upgrades your ability to sell in person.

Shopify Plan
at USD $
19/month billed yearly

Pos Subscription
USD $ 79/month
billed yearly
Included in POS
checkStaff management
checkOmnichannel selling
checkCustomer management
checkInventory management
checkRetail reports

* POS lite is available in all Shopify plan
  • What is a POS (point of sale)?

    A point of sale, or POS, is a system used to process transactions and accept payments in person.

    With Shopify POS, retail businesses get all the tools they need to manage daily operations, accept payments anywhere, and build relationships to create customer loyalty. But the benefits of Shopify go beyond your retail store. With a powerful ecommerce solution also included, Shopify unifies in-store and online sales to bridge the gaps between your website, social media, and POS system. This allows you to sync inventory everywhere you sell and offer seamless shopping options for customers like local pickup, local delivery, ship-to-home, and email carts.

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