POS features for
wherever you sell

Omnichannel selling

Offer a smooth shopping experience for your customers, in store, online, and everywhere in between.
Local pickup
Manage and fulfill local pickup orders directly from your Shopify POS.
Buy in store, ship to customer
Make sales in store and ship directly to customers from where you have available inventory. Taxes and shipping rates are automatically calculated at checkout.
Buy online, exchange and return in store
Accept exchanges for purchases made online or at another location and your inventory will be updated instantly.
Local delivery
Manage and fulfill local pickup orders directly from your Shopify POS.
Product QR codes
Attach QR codes to products so customers can use their smartphone to learn more and purchase online.
Send cart to buy online
Send customers an email with items they were interested in but didn’t purchase in store.

Smart inventory management

Reduce errors and increase profit from a single place using smart recommendations from Stocky app by Shopify.
Purchase orders
Create purchase orders for vendors and suppliers.
Demand forecasting
Get purchase order suggestions based on recent product performance or seasonality.
Request transfers from your other locations and keep track of what’s been received and what’s leaving.
Low stock reports
Receive warnings of low stock based on current rate of sales and lead time for each vendor.
Sale item suggestions
Using the sale suggestion page, know which products aren’t selling so you can release cash and inventory.
Inventory analysis
Decide which products are worth reordering and which are taking up valuable storage and cash based with the stock performance grading system.
Stock adjustments
Keep track of small changes made to your stock levels.
Inventory counts
Use a barcode scanner to match your store inventory to your records.
Inventory receiving
Perform accurate inventory counts for incoming orders with a barcode scanner.
Detailed inventory reports
Identify trends and confidently plan for the future reports about your locations and inventory.
Track inventory
Stay on top of your inventory and assign products to different sales channels and locations. Your count will automatically update when an order is fulfilled from that source.

Staff management

Control permissions and track staff performance from one place.
Manager approvals
Specify when your staff would need manager approval for actions like applying discounts or editing taxes.
Unlimited POS staff
Add and manage staff who have POS access but not admin access.
POS staff roles and permissions
Assign custom roles to store staff ensuring they have the correct permissions.
Attribute sales to staff
Attribute sales to staff members for commissions or kudos.
Staff POS PINs
Give staff members unique pins to log into POS.


Complete each sale with a seamless experience for customers and staff.
Exchange past purchases from any online or retail location and your inventory is updated automatically.
Save and retrieve cart
Easily manage, save, and retrieve shopping carts to keep checkout moving quickly.
Custom printed receipts
Customize printed receipts with your website URL, store hours, promotions, or policies.
Checkout anywhere
Take your smartphone or tablet to your customer, and check out on the spot.
Customizable smart grid
Speed up checkout with the customizable smart grid that adapts based on cart actions to create cues for staff.
Discount codes
Apply discount or promo codes for your online and retail business.
Taxes are automatically calculated based on your store’s set location. You can disable taxes or set custom taxes for a specific product or order.
Custom email or SMS receipts
Send custom email or SMS receipts and build your customer contact list for re-engagement.
Custom discounts
Apply dollar or percentage discounts to entire carts or individual items.
Order notes
Track special requests and details by attaching notes to orders.
Custom sale
Use custom line items to bundle items on the spot and set a price.
Camera barcode scanner
Scan product barcode labels with the camera on your iOS device.
Offline cash transactions
Accept cash payments to complete transactions when you’re offline.
Return past purchases from any online or retail location and see inventory updated automatically.


Stay organized and spend less time on admin chores.
Unlimited products
Add an unlimited amount of products and variants on your POS.
Product collections
Categorize products by type, season, promotions, and more. Use smart collections to automatically sort products based on vendor, price, and inventory level.
Product variants
Add multiple variations to products such as size, color, or materials and assign their own price, SKU, weight, and inventory.
Inventory status
Use inventory states to track and share the status of your inventory as products are received, transferred, or an order is fulfilled.
Multi-location inventory
Create and allocate inventory to your various online sales channels, warehouses, retail stores, or wherever else you store stock.
Barcode labels
Assign existing barcodes to products or create new ones to keep track of inventory and speed up checkout.


Turn one-time shoppers into life-long fans.
Create customer profiles
Customer profiles are created with every in-store or online purchase during checkout.
Rich customer profiles
Keep track of contact information, purchase history, lifetime spend, customer notes, tags, shipping address, taxes, and marketing preferences.
Order history
When customers shop online or in store, their order information is automatically synced.
Contact customers
Reach out to customers from your POS using email, SMS, or by phone.
Reward loyalty online and in store
Build lasting relationships and reward your loyal customers with exclusive events, discounts, or content.
Marketing preferences
Collect emails and phone numbers at checkout to notify your customers of upcoming sales or new products.
Customer tags
Assign customers with tags, then search and filter based on the needs of your outreach.

Reporting and analytics

Get actionable reports so you can make informed business decisions.
Daily sales reports
Make informed decisions with detailed insights into sales, products, and staff performance compiled in a daily report generated from your POS.
Dashboard overview
Get an overview of your entire business online and in-store at a glance.
Retail sales reports*
View, analyze, and export sales by staff members, location, time period, or customers.
Cash tracking
Improved tool for accurately tracking the expected balance in your cash drawer for end of day deposits from your POS.
Cash flow reports*
Understand how much you’ll be paid and when you’ll receive your money from in-person and online sales.
Product reports*
Get insights into which products are and are not selling.
Discount reports*
Track the performance of your promotions so you can evolve your approach over time.
Inventory reports
View a month-end snapshot of your inventory and track the quantity and percentage of inventory sold each day.
Finances reports
Generate reports to review your finances including sales, returns, taxes, payments, and more.


Accept popular payment methods so you never miss a sale.
Sell and accept gift cards
Sell physical and digital gift cards that can be redeemed in store or online.
Email gift cards
Email digital gift cards that recipients can redeem in store or online.
Add digital gift card to Apple Wallet
Allow customers to add digital gift cards to their iOS devices, check balances, and redeem from their Apple Wallet.
Custom payment types
Create custom payment options such as external terminals, checks, IOUs, or gold coins.
Split payments/tenders
Accept two or more payment types in a single transaction.
Partial payments
Accept as much or as little payment as you want in the form of deposits or layaways.


Keep your brand top of mind with marketing tools that bring customers online and to your retail stores.
Product reviews
Encourage customers to leave product reviews that can be used in your online store and Google search results to encourage sales.
Email marketing
Capture customer emails at checkout and stay in touch with marketing emails and promotions.
Social media integration
Create campaigns to connect with your local customers that drive store visits and sales.
Google Merchant Center
Promote your store and automatically sync products and information with Google Merchant Center.
Not just ecommerce.
All commerce.
Bring your in-store and online sales together with Shopify. Gain insights about your business from one view so you can work smarter, move faster, and think bigger.